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The Complete Daytrading Book
160 pages of daytrading knowledge (letter size)!

US $39.95

Available in English and German!

(Available as e-book only!)

The book is FREE with the TradingMachine Subcription!

Get one of the most comprehensive books about daytrading! The �Complete Guide to Daytrading� tells you everything you need to get started.

A Complete Introduction to Daytrading!
A Profitable Trading System!
Tips & Tricks!
Dozens of Chart Samples!

If you want to succeed in daytrading you must know everything about:

The ECNs Island, ARCA, INCA and the others
The market makers, their tricks and how to trade with a market maker
The Level II screen, how to read it and how to get the most out of it
Order executions, how to get instant fills with SOES, the ECNs and the market makers
Price Improvement, how to get it and how it works
The broker, how to pick the best broker and what to take care of
Common mistakes and pitfalls, how to avoid them to save thousands of dollars
And much more!

Make good money with only one or two trades a day!

Plus, you need a working and reliable trading system, too! A system that makes it possible for you to make money constantly regardless of the market environment! This is where most daytrading books fail. But not �The Complete Guide to Daytrading�. It unveils such a working trading system and describes reliable patterns, it explains how to trade them and how to find the right stocks for trading. �The Complete Guide to Daytrading� gives you the power to start a career as a successful daytrader!

Get the book today and start trading successfully!
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