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Welcome to Alert-Trading!

Alert-Trading offers products & services for active daytraders and investors.

Recommended Daytrading Broker
Do you have the right broker for successful daytrading? Your search is over!

DT Securities GmbH is a specialized daytrading broker for active traders only. Top trading platforms at top rates are offered together with a very good service and support:

Futures 2.50, per contract

US Stocks $9.95,- per ticket

FOREX 3 pips, no commissions

Available for US and European customers!

Direct Access
Real-Time Trading
Instant Fills
Low Commissions

US Stocks
US Options


You can also check out the professional trading apps online here at https://kryptoszene.de/trading-app/. These apps include unique features like as AI-based algorithms that assess the trade market and provide recommendations for successful trade execution.

Daytrading Book
Nasdaq Daytrading

Comprehensive knowledge about daytrading Nasdaq stocks successfully. A MUST for every daytrader! Written by the President of Alert-Trading.

Tips & Tricks
Level II Training
Market Makers
Trading Systems

Only $39.95!

Available in
English and German!



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